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Handmade Wool Mattresses

We do standard size mattresses or any other size (all made to order)
Natural wool Rest mattresses are handmade in Catalonia by traditional, following the guidelines of the Office of mattress, that give guarantees quality and durability.


and sustainable

We strive to ensure that we offer properties intact nature. Just choose wool new local, Small herds of the High Pyrenees, Xisqueta sheep grazing outdoors, in the Corrals. The wool is a fair price to pay pastors, that the outbreak pasturar every day.

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Comfort her
i natural

The wool provides optimal thermal regulation: heated in winter and breathes in summer. In addition, manages moisture naturally, Unlike other natural and synthetic fibers. The mattress is anti-wool·allergy and anti-mite itself. Not generate or accumulate static electricity.

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Handcrafted wool country

We work with wool Obrador Xisqueta and use only natural and renewable raw materials. Personally choose local raw materials and high quality: Wool Xisqueta Pyrenees, Roba of Boundaries 100% Even yarn and woven Castellterçol.

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Hostage matalassos

The mattress wool, Past 10 years, must not be disposed: needs repair. This is a great savings and ecological. We offer the service redo your mattress wool (although we have not made us).

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