Technique and procedure

Our technical craft


In first place, Fan wool and fibers will separate a mechanical procedure, to return to the wool elasticity and comfort that I had before washing and transportation.


Take cotton clothes and prepares for putting the inner reinforcement (clothing also, we call "pedacet" in places where they will hold the grain will then wool because it moves.


Then put your eyes making holes with an awl and put them using the eyelets. The eyelets are metal reinforcements·Metal holes through which veins once mattress filled with wool.


After this step, the fabric is ready and sew in a sack.


Fill the mattress, supervising that the tips are well filled and placing more wool in the middle, so that sleeping there remains a hole in the long run.


later, Hand sew the mouth would be the mattress, filling in the end because the end also remains well filled.


Once we have fully enclosed mattress, sew all around both the top and the bottom with a sewn we call "la española"; called this way because it is precisely in this country from which the stitching technique.


This stitching is like to become a drone, also taking wool inside the mattress to give you thicker.


Finally, take a much longer needle (of each 15 cm) i s’hi passa una veta. Is passed from top to bottom of the mattress and then from bottom to top, through the eyes, and it makes a loop, remaining per fora. It is divided into different zones of the mattress, symmetrically, to prevent the wool can be moved by the weight of the person sleeping next to one another and also to give more consistency.

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