Benefits of Wool

Comfort knows the natural

The wool provides optimal thermal regulation: heated in winter and breathes in summer. In addition, manages moisture naturally, Unlike other natural and synthetic fibers.
  • The mattress is anti-wool·allergy and anti-mite itself.
  • Not generate or accumulate static electricity, afavoreix thing that a calm heart rate i descans a repairman.
  • The elastic properties of wool accommodates the different curves of the human body naturally, sleeping sideways or in any position.
  • Contact with wool and natural fibers to improve sleep quality.

Benefits of Wool

In winter, mattress wool gives warmth and feeling of warmth. In summer, mattress wool breathes and does not sweat, ensuring a cool, dry break. This is due to the natural properties of wool:
  • The wool has properties and thermoregulatory hidroreguladores naturally, Unlike other natural and synthetic fibers, which provides maximum comfort .
  • Wool help maintain a constant temperature, insulating body conditions external variables, promoting a better break.
  • Wool allows natural breathing of the skin and the moisture transfer from the body in the form of water vapor.
  • The wool is naturalmentantial·lèrgica: natural repellent delsàcars, the causes capal·lèrgiacutània is not due to respiratory disease. So, it is advisable for everyone.
  • The wool is fire retardant, and ensures your safety and to.
  • The wool does not accumulate or generate static electricity, afavorint a quiet descans, allowing the body to do its regenerative functions during sleep.
  • The elastic properties of the fibers of the wool mattress providing a pleasant feeling of welcome while decreasing pressure points in support of the skeleton, letting the blood flow freely and lymph, minimizing the need to move during the night and causing a more restful sleep.

Ecologically sustainable

We strive to ensure that we offer properties intact nature. Just choose wool new local, Small herds of the High Pyrenees, Xisqueta sheep grazing outdoors, in the Corrals. The wool is a fair price to pay pastors, that the outbreak pasturar every day.

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